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Write my biography for me please!

Writing a biography often leads to a better understanding of the person on whom it is written. The writer can gain some insight into how that person's life events shaped him or her, and why that individual made certain decisions. Basically, to understand the inner world of some outstanding person, you have to learn some information about his\her life.

A biography is the life story of a person told by another. It can be long or short. Short biographies often provide the most important facts about the subject, whereas long ones are full of large and small details. The subject of the biography can be famous or not so well known. Sometimes biographies are about people who are still alive.

Information in a biography and any kind of paper written on the biography is provided in chronological order. As a rule, the biography begins with the subject's childhood and proceeds to present time or to his or her passing. The purpose of the biography is to interpret and analyze the events in that person's life. A biography contains both the features of a descriptive essay and historical research, for it aims to describe the subject's character traits and to review past events in which the subject was involved.

In writing a paper over a biography, you are expected to find connections between the subject's personal life and important historic events during that person's lifetime. Moreover, you should be able to explain what motivated the subject to think or act in a certain manner. In addition, you are expected to develop a deeper insight into the relationships between this person with other people, and attempt to explain strange coincidences or even mysteries. In a word, it seems that writing a biography involves investigating the life path of a person, getting acquainted with him\her, and introducing him\her to the reader.

When you write a biography, highlight the subject's main ambitions and achievements. Also, focus on the social, cultural or political role, and the historical significance of this person in terms of mankind and society.

Address such questions as:

  • What makes this person outstanding?
  • How did he influence mankind?
  • What adjectives best describe his character?
  • What life events influenced his character development?

To make a biography more impressive and based on real facts, it is a good idea to use primary sources such as letters, diaries and newspapers. They will lend authenticity to your writing.

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