Support grassroots change

Organize in 2018 to show your representatives that they are accountable to the people and not Wall Street.


Get ready to resist in 2018.

With many legislators up for reelection, it’s time we remind them who they are really accountable to.

We want to support you in making sure your elected officials do what’s right for all of us.

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This campaign is driven by volunteer activists like you that care about protecting communities under threat by this administration. Please join one of our growing teams and help #ResistTrump across the country:



Ever wonder what you would have done during historic struggles? Do that now.

All over the nation, people have demonstrated that we won't take Trump's terrible policies and laws lying down. From the airport protests against the Muslim ban to fighting for DACA, more people are standing up for what they believe in.

But it's not only important to get involved -- people need the tools and knowledge to help get through challenges one may experience doing this work.

Every Sunday from 5:00pm EST to 6:30pm EST, we're hosting a series of classes on the different skills, challenges, and opportunities you as an activist might experience -- from how to plan an action, get the press to your event, facilitate meetings, and avoid burnout.

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Paint the town Resistance!

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This Torch
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Rebel Scum
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