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Guide: How to Write an Enlightening Critical Analysis Paper

An analytical article refers to the journalistic genre. Its purpose is to analyze the facts on a given topic, draw conclusions, give recommendations. Hence it has the special requirements for the selection of material and style of presentation. It is inadmissible to use untested data, or everyday language.

  1. Critical analysis should contain a detailed study of the text, appeal to its content and quality. You must specify the type of text the work relates to, and also determine whether the author was able to achieve the task. Justify or refute the thesis that the author managed to entertain, educate, instruct or inform his or her audience about.
  2. Major and minor abstracts are placed in the main part of the analysis - it will be the core of all your work. Ideas and concepts mentioned in the introduction should receive the necessary faceting and "processing" in this part, in order to obtain a solid and well-reasoned text.
  3. Do not use rhetorical questions, as this is a rather weak and predictable element of conducting discourse. It is better to resort to quotes and statements of respected and authoritative personalities in the chosen topic.
  4. Try to resort as often as possible to the technique of persuasion, especially in those moments when you talk about the excess or lack of quality in the analyzed work. Try to influence the emotions of readers, provide irrefutable facts and evidence. But remember that this kind of persuasion technique should not go beyond the bounds of sound logic.
  5. Remember that critical analysis by its nature opposes the ideas and opinions of others. Therefore, your task is for you to analyze, put questions and offer an alternative attitude, point of view, idea.

Two major ways of the critical analysis usage are the style of claims and evidence. So you have to provide some claims concerning the text or any other work that you are analyzing. These claims are then backed up with evidence found in other sources that are used as references. Another effective way is a new information method. Here you must provide a fresh study, which has not been used to discuss the topic chosen. The method of study and research will allow you to understand the smallest details, as well as to determine the reason and motivation due to which the author created this or that work.

Look for more than one source of collateral information for each of the arguments. If this is possible and acceptable, be sure to quote the direct words of other authors.

If you want to write a truly engaging critical analysis paper, here are dos and don'ts to follow.


  • Describe the selected text or other work of art in general. So you can demonstrate that you have studied it to the smallest detail;
  • Try to make your analysis in such a way that there is no suspicion that this is a continuous stream of negative criticism, sometimes even unfounded;
  • The basic elements that prove the correctness of your point of view should be such units as logic, deduction and conclusion;
  • Do not forget about the reverse point of view, so try to approach the case from different sides.
  • Try to correctly interpret information taken from other sources. Do not distort its meaning in any way - it's just not ethical;
  • Openly accept the presence of the opposite point of view, thereby proving your high level of understanding of the topic in question.


  • Do not make categorical statements without backing them up with relevant facts or statements.
  • Do not lose the thread of your reasoning.
  • Do not give new arguments in the final part of the work.
  • Do not criticize a text or another work from a subjective point of view.
  • Avoid vulgarity, vulgarisms and other inappropriate varieties of speech. Adhere to the scientific style of the narrative.
  • Do not neglect the quality of your own speech and level of thoughts. The original idea, sharpened in the context of tongue-tied, will not have the expected effect.

Writing a critical analysis paper it is crucially important to avoid typical pitfalls inherent to the most of the students, especially those facing this task for the first or the second time.

  • Do not insist on your arguments and applying aggressive tactics too much. It is enough just to present your claims and evidence.
  • The effective critical analysis must appeal to the feelings of the reader, and not to all known facts.
  • Avoid conclusions, which, to a greater extent, are your subjective judgments.

    Make sure that the language of your analysis is the same as the style of the arguments given.
  • Use direct quotes from other sources. Make sure that all links are up to date.

    Avoid excessive use of negative sentences and utterances. A critical response can be as positive as any other type of writing.
  • It is not enough just to give the factual information and specific dates; it is necessary to fit them skillfully into the textual meaning of your work. Make a logical plan for your analysis and carefully follow it.

An engaging critical analysis works only when its author can bring powerful arguments in an accessible language. Logic, reasoned position and research approach - this is the formula for the successful writing of critical analysis.

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