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Guide: How to Write an Assignment

There is a vast variety of academic papers students have to write. Whereas all of them possess their own distinctive features that are important to know, there are also some universal tips and tricks that are helpful regardless of the kind of assignment you need to accomplish. The following guide will get you acquainted with some of such hints. They can be divided into three main categories: research, organization, and writing. Let’s take a closer look at each of these categories.


This is the core of any successfully accomplished academic assignment. Although some of them (such as narrative essays, for example) can be written anyway you like, the majority of them still require you to dig into textbooks, journals, websites, and other sources. In order to make the research process easier, you might want to follow the following tips:

  1. Prepare a list of sources you are going to use. The easiest way to start is to open a Wikipedia article on your topic, and scroll down until you see the list of references. Although Wikipedia itself is not considered a credible source by many educational institutions, sources mentioned in its articles are often worth attention. The same can be done not only with Wikipedia; textbooks, for example, often contain bibliographies you can use to find some useful sources.

  2. Define the credibility of sources you are planning to use. The best would be to use peer-reviewed articles in journals, monographs, dissertations, and so on. You can also use websites, but mind it is better to give preference to websites ending with edu. and .gov - they belong to educational and governmental institutions, and thus contain only credible info.

  3. Take notes and keep your records organized. When you proceed to each new source, the first thing you should do is to write down the source’s title and author according to the formatting style you must write your paper in. This way, you will be able to execute in-text citations faster, and with greater ease. Always record what part of your paper your notes refer to.


One of the key aspects of any academic assignment is its organization (meaning the way ideas and concepts are allocated within the text). Here are some tricks that will help you make your writing better structured and organized.

  • Keep an eye on the way you structure your paragraphs. In order to convey your ideas more fluently and clearly, you should observe several simple rules.

  • The majority of papers students are usually assigned possess a simple structure: introduction, main body, conclusion, list of references; however, there can be nuances when writing each of these sections.

  • An introductory paragraph should provide readers with a brief overview of the topic, and encourage them to keep reading. Therefore, you might want to move from general information to more specific information. Start with an opening sentence generally related to the topic. For example, “Earth in the 21st century faces a number of challenges and problems that humanity is directly responsible for.” Then, gradually narrow down the scope in order to chalk out the subject of your paper: “One of such problems is global warming: it is a problem that can not only wipe out the majority of species living on Earth, but can actually turn our planet into an uninhabited wasteland.” After this, write several sentences with some background on the subject, and provide key information necessary for understanding the material you are going to present in your paper further. Finally, end your introductory paragraph with a thesis statement: the main thought/opinion expressed in your paper. Usually, it should be no longer than two concise and polished sentences (one is better).

  • The main body of a paper is where you express arguments supporting your thesis statement. A regular main body paragraph consists of a topic sentence (the one disclosing its general content), supporting sentences (those in which you introduce your arguments - one per paragraph, as well as facts, statistics, and other evidence proving your point of view), and a concluding sentence and/or a transition, briefly linking the paragraph to the thesis statement, and to the next paragraph.

  • A conclusion is usually a brief summary of the key points expressed in your paper, with a link to the thesis statement, and an afterthought showing how and why the information in the paper is important for the audience.


Although it might sound strange, writing is often the easiest part of preparing an assignment, because normally you should have already gathered enough material and chalked out the outline of your paper by the point when you start actually writing it. Still, there are some crucial points you should be aware of:

  • One of the common mistakes students usually make when working on their assignments is the usage of personal pronouns “I,” “you,” and so on. The standards of academic writing require that you write in an impersonal way, meaning that you should avoid writing from a personal perspective, or appealing to your audience directly (though some types of academic papers allow it, such as narrative essays).

  • Remember that grammar and punctuation are important. Although many educational institutions do not consider grammatical mistakes to be crucial, they have a peculiar effect: illiterate writing usually decreases the overall credibility of your writing in the eyes of those who read it.

  • Try to avoid both lengthy and super short sentences. The first are easy to have the main thought get lost in, and the latter are difficult to assemble.

  • Always proofread and edit your assignments before submitting them.

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