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Guide: How to do Homework Properly

If you are a more or less diligent student, a solid chunk of your free time when studying in college is most likely occupied by homework. There is never a day when a student would not have to work on an essay, presentation, group project, or some other assignment. At the same time, it is surprising how many students do their homework inefficiently, spending more time and effort on every assignment than it is worth it. So, in this tutorial we are going to talk about methods that will make your academic life easier, and your homework far less overwhelming.

There are three key points that you should observe in order to do homework efficiently:

Understanding the assignment

Surprisingly, this is where many students fail. Knowing what exactly is expected from you is obviously crucial for a good grade; however, students tend to not pay enough attention to the details of their home assignments, instead focusing only on its general outline. For example, the assignment sounds like, “Write an essay explaining the wrongs of abortions (from the position of the Catholic church)”; although it is important to write from the religious perspective, a student will likely write a regular persuasive/expository essay on abortions. This is an intentionally overdone example: in reality, the details and nuances of home assignments are often much more subtle. Anyways, just remember to be especially attentive to what exactly is required from you.

Time limit and schedule

As soon as you receive yet another load of homework, pay attention to the date it is due, and try to assess the time it will approximately take you to accomplish it. This will help you set the priorities: considering the already assigned homework, its terms and volume, you can decide on when and how much you should work on your new assignment. If you try to do all homework at once, or even if you work on it upon receipt, you put yourself at risk. So, calculating terms and setting priorities is the second condition of successfully done homework.

Needed resources

The resources you need to do your homework are as important as the assignment itself. After you receive the task, figure out what books, journals, and other sources you will need. If it is just a website or a source that can be easily accessed anytime, then you are safe, and can work on other tasks if the time limit allows you to; however, if you need some specific monograph that can be accessed only in a certain library, you should better allocate enough time to acquire the needed sources.

Checking with all these criteria will help you solve the main problems connected to any homework, which are what to do, when to do, and how to do (or, where to look for the info). Now it is just the matter of your personal discipline. Here are some advice to help you work more effectively.

  1. Whenever possible, work in isolated places. The best would be to work at home, with no one but you in your room. If you live with roommates, you have four options: a) doing homework when they are not around; b) doing homework elsewhere (for example, in a library, because although it’s a public space, it is always quiet there); c) ask your roommates to be quiet while you work (almost impossible); d) do homework with your roommates (surprisingly effective, if everyone involved in the process treats it seriously).
  2. Eliminate all possible distractions. Ideally would be to work in complete silence, but you can leave some background music turned on.
  3. There is no such thing as “I’ll have a five-minute break, just check my Facebook feed, and then get back to homework immediately.” Whatever you might have heard, half measures are not effective. Small breaks tend to turn into huge gaps of wasted time. 20% of effort give 80% of result, so unless you reach these 80% you have no right for breaks.

Basically, this is it. These rules and recommendations are applicable to any kind of homework on any discipline. Follow them carefully, and you will have no problems with your home assignments. Good luck.

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