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Guide: How to Write a Coursework

Along with many other types of academic assignments, coursework can be rather challenging for students working on it for the first time. The main purpose of academic coursework is to demonstrate your understanding of the course you have been studying to the examiner, so usually they are written by the end of a study year, and can make up a significant part of the grade you get for a course.

What You Need to Know Before Writing a Coursework Assignment

  • The first and foremost rule of writing coursework is “no plagiarism.” Considering that the Internet is full of materials on a vast number of topics, you must be especially careful not to replicate any of them, even unintentionally. The best way to ensure the originality of your work is to analyze the information you retrieve from different sources and explain it in your own words; it is extremely important that you cite the sources you use. If you are planning to simply copy-paste information, or use a source without citing it, better forget it - there are a lot of plagiarism checkers easily available to your teachers, so they will always recognize plagiarism. Besides, plagiarizing is one of the most serious violations you can commit when writing coursework; penalties for plagiarism are definitely not worth the try.

  • It may sound surprising, but the way you formulate the topic can directly affect its quality. When you have chosen your topic, consult with your teacher to check whether it could be improved somehow. The most common mistake students make is formulating the topic in an unspecific manner (for example, “The influence of the world financial crisis on real estate”). A properly formulated topic should clearly state the main subject of your research and your purpose, for example, “The impacts the world financial crisis of 2008 had on real estate market in the US: an analysis.”

  • Proper research is what makes your coursework valuable. The more sources you process and the more data on the subject you gather, the better. Consult your teacher on the sources you should work on; it is impossible to process all the materials available on your topic, but covering the most influential sources directly related to your topic is crucial. Make sure the data you collect is aimed at supporting your hypothesis. It is important to not just gather information, however, but also to keep it organized and structured. Take notes and sort them out during the process of research - it will greatly facilitate your work.

  • Your teachers can be an invaluable source of assistance. Your teachers will not write the paper for you, but they can give you helpful advice on what to include in your paper, how to improve your topic, what the examiners will be paying the most attention to, and so on. Besides, your teachers might even check through your first draft and correct some of your methodological, factual, and other mistakes.

  • You should avoid piling up information. Use subheadings to break the text into semantic parts. You should use transitions within the text to make it easy to read. Your sentences should not be lengthy; however, writing in too short of sentences is not recommended as well.

  • Pay attention to the credibility of the sources you use. A coursework assignment is viable only when it is based on relevant and accurate data.

  • Postponing work is your worst enemy. Usually, there is plenty of time allocated for writing coursework, so students tend to procrastinate until the last weeks before the due date. If you do so, you will not be able to conduct thorough research, process gathered information, and write the paper proficiently.

  • Educational institutions often have different requirements for coursework formats, so it is advised that you check your requirements before planning your work. However, usually the structure is as follows: title page, table of contents, summary, introduction, main body paragraphs (may be divided by subheaders), conclusion, bibliography, appendices (if any).

The Process of Writing Coursework

  • The first step you need to take is to get yourself acquainted with the requirements. It is surprising how many students actually skip this step and, as a result, write papers which do not match the demands towards coursework. You can always ask your teacher for clarifications on what you are supposed to do.

  • Choosing and formulating your topic properly is the second most important step. A safe and effective strategy here is to select a topic that is either not trivial and overused, but is neither totally unique and uncommon (because you risk to either do thorough research on a topic that has already been studied, or to find little-to-no sources of information because the topic is too rare).

  • Develop methodology. A method is a way in which you will be researching your subject. Some typical methods are quantitative or quality analysis, comparing and contrasting, gathering and processing statistics, conducting experiments/observations, and so on (the exact choice of methods depends on the field and subject of your research).

  • Consult with your supervisor on the topic and methods chosen. Your supervisor can point out your mistakes and correct your choices, hint at whether your topic is worth researching, warn you about the possible difficulties and nuances, and so on.

  • Conduct preliminary research on the sources you will need. Create a list of chosen sources, sort them out, and write an annotated bibliography for yourself (you might actually need to include it in your coursework; check the requirements of your educational institution regarding coursework).

  • Conduct the research, carefully taking notes during the process. While researching, make sure to take notes and keep them in order. When you copy/record material, cite the source from which you have retrieved it immediately. It will be much harder to do this later.

  • Making the plan for research is the next big step. A plan is a general structure of your future coursework. In it, you should allocate the information you have found among the paper’s sections. Create an outline using your plan as a basis. An outline is more detailed than a plan; in it, you should chalk out your introduction, arguments, think about how you will link them together, and how they will work together to support your hypothesis.

  • Write the first draft of your coursework based on the outline you have created. Do not let the term “the first draft” confuse you: this is the actual coursework, so treat it responsibly. Since it is a draft, formatting, grammar, and other particularities do not matter as much as organization and setting down your ideas. It is crucial that you present all facts and arguments accurately.

  • Check through the draft you have written. At this time, it is important that you eliminate all possible mistakes, typos, inconsistencies, logic gaps, and so on. Make sure the paper makes perfect sense, and that all of your arguments are directly connected to the hypothesis. Sometimes students add “fillers” - chunks of text that do not contribute to supporting the hypothesis, but only add to the word limit. This is not recommended, because your examiners will detect such “fillers” easily, and probably lower your grade.

  • Repeat the previous step until you can find no more flaws in your coursework.

  • Consult your supervisor on your final draft; write down his/her recommendations and make all the needed corrections.

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