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Guide: How to Write a Thesis Paper

The first thing you need to realize before starting to write a thesis paper is that it is not too different from a dissertation. Both of them require solid research and take an enormous amount of time to write. A dissertation is needed for you to obtain a doctoral degree; a successfully written thesis paper is your pass for a Master’s degree.

A thesis paper is based on the findings of other researchers, so there is not much novelty in it. It can be said that its main function is to raise a basis for your future scientific endeavors and hone your analysis, research, and other relevant skills (as well as demonstrate them to the committee that you will present your thesis paper to).

Things to Remember Before Starting to Work on a Thesis Paper

  1. Your thesis paper will be analyzed and evaluated not by your teacher or supervisor, but by a special committee. Thesis committees usually consist of four members: the chief supervisor, the advisor, and two other members.

  2. The worst case scenario for your thesis paper is to have it rejected by the committee. The best is when it is accepted without any corrections. What usually happens with the majority of thesis papers, though, lies somewhere in between.

  3. It is typical for students to procrastinate and start working on their assignments when the deadline has almost expired. It may work for some “minor” assignments such as essays, but when you are to write a thesis paper, make sure to start in advance. Writing a thesis paper requires processing a vast amount of sources (which also need to be found first), consultations, rewriting, making observations, and so on. These actions are time consuming. So, in order to be on the safe side, start working on your thesis paper at least three months before the due date.

  4. If you learn something new about your subject while researching, it does not mean that you have discovered something new. Before starting to research and outline your thesis paper, browse other theses written on the same subject so that you do not reinvent the bicycle. Besides, doing so will help you figure out what to pay attention to, which methods to use, and so on.

  5. You can peek into the lists of references used by the authors of other thesis papers written on the topics close or similar to yours. This way you can give yourself a huge boost in the beginning of your research.

  6. In the process of writing a thesis paper, you will be required to formulate your research question (or questions). Rather often, it is confused with the thesis statement, although there is a difference between them: a research question rather expresses what you expect to discover/achieve during the research, whereas a thesis statement expresses your opinion on the subject and the main idea(s) of your paper.

Steps for Writing a Thesis Paper

  • Develop your research question. This is probably one of the most important steps in writing a thesis paper, because the research question (or questions) serve as a roadmap for future research and sets the general direction of your scientific search. It is acceptable to modify or change your research questions as you learn more and more information on your subject. Consult your advisor and committee members on your research question(s).

  • Organize your sources properly from the very beginning, and make sure all references are formatted according to the formatting style requirements. This will make it much easier and faster for you to insert in-text citations, as well as will save you a great amount of time in the end (when other people only start to shovel the bunch of sources they piled up during research).

  • Choose the research method that suits your discipline, subject, and chosen topic the most. Methods are your tools helping you research your topic effectively. For example, a common method for a thesis paper written in chemistry or other natural sciences is having an experiment or an observation. Consult your advisor on your final choice of methods, and apply them in practice: carry out observations, gather statistics, and so on. Make sure to take accurate records, as it is what will serve you as supporting evidence later.

  • A thesis paper consists of the introduction (providing the audience with background information on the subject); an abstract (containing a short description of your thesis statement, research questions, key findings, and so on - usually, it is no longer than 300-350 words); literature overview; methodology; key findings; discussion/interpretation of the results; conclusion; bibliography; appendices.

  • Proofread and edit the paper at least once. You will be surprised about how many mistakes and typos you actually make during writing.

This is it. Good luck writing!

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